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persistent, global, economical energy from space

Always-On Solar Power

Virtus Solis

is the world's


space-based solar power

energy generation system

able to directly compete with




energy sources

with none

of the drawbacks.

Our Mission

Access to to low-cost energy is the greatest lever for universal prosperity.  We believe the primary energy market, which is 85% powered by fossil fuels has no equitable path to sustainability with current technology.  The intermittency and non-dispatchable nature of wind and terrestrial solar are not solvable with known battery energy storage at any cost.  Space-based solar avoids the need for storage by beaming energy from sun-lit space through weather and night to anywhere on the planet.

Our solution is simultaneously scalable, low-cost, safe and clean.  We can enable large scale desalination, recycling and chemical synthesis, as well as urban vertical farming as examples. 


We believe we can deliver a prosperous future for all residents of planet Earth and beyond.

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