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How our Space-Based Solar Power System Works

  1. Solar power gathered in space by small satellites with high efficiency solar panels.

  2. Satellites are grouped into massive arrays--100,000 satellites for 100MW--allowing for a highly scalable energy platform.

  3. Satellites are in sunlight all of the time with long dwell time over the northern/southern hemisphere due to orbital characteristics.

  4. Solar energy is converted to microwaves to beam energy to ground - rectennas gather microwave energy and convert to electricity.

  5. Energy can then be sold into the power grid or supply high demand users with energy directly.

Levelized Cost of Energy

Virtus Solis Space Based Solar Power is lowest cost due to:

  1. Greater than 90% availability, for 3-5x more sunlight than terrestrial solar due to no weather or night time.

  2. Solar intensity is 40% higher in space.

  3. The power beam can instantaneously beam power to anywhere on 50% of planet's surface - delivering power where and when it is needed.

  4. High scalability with design-for-manufacture, low cost satellites and rectennas.

Launch Costs are lower than ever

Low Cost Access to Space is the enabler for low energy cost.

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